Nurturing New Talent is a special project created by the Teatro delle Briciole to nurture young writers developed by the theatre to promote and encourage the creation of new productions for young audiences written and directed by them. After Il viaggio ovvero la storia di due vecchi (The journey or rather the story of two old men), by Beatrice Baruffini and Agnese Scotti, the next productions to come out of the Nurturing New Talent programme are Across the Universe, by Daniele Bonaiuti and Chiara Renzi and

Corti di Carta by Riccardo Reina.



The wrong letter

The daily newspaper

A short story about an employee

by Riccardo Reina

with Yele Canali, Jessica Graiani, Riccardo Reina
assistant director Yele Canali
light designer Dario Andreoli
music and sound Dario Andreoli and Lorenzo Donadei
costumes and scenery Jessica Graiani and Antonia Montani


production Teatro delle Briciole

for adults

DSCF9915 copia.jpg

photo by Anna Campanini

Invented and jealously guarded by the Chinese, but also familiar to the Mayans separately, introduced to Europe by the Arabs, together with the invention of the printing press, paper has had a major impact on history, from the Renaissance to the industrial revolution and right up to the present day.

From maps to paper money, from the constitution to playing cards, from toilet paper to glossy paper, this material has given shape to every aspect of civilisation. Perhaps today we are witnessing the beginning of its demise, as it is gradually being replaced by increasingly virtual technologies. Is the image of mankind as we know it also disintegrating?

From this premise emerges a shared journey which wends its way through the following three short stories: The wrong letter, The daily newspaper, A short story about an employee. Using a variety of techniques from puppet theatre, these stories are developed as a fleeting exploration of a material that is so versatile that it has countless different uses, a material that is ephemeral while at the same time surprisingly resistant, so much so that it became the bedrock of our culture, an irreplaceable support, at least until recently, for our transient memories.                                                                                                                                                                                                

But what could happen if paper, from being a simple repository which we incessantly cover with words and pictures, rebelled against the meaning already assigned to them in order to become the main protagonist of our dreamy imagination.


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