written by Béatrice Baruffini and Agnese Scotti

directed by Béatrice Baruffini

with Simone Evangelisti, Béatrice Baruffini

scenography and propos Andrea Bovaia

assistant director Yele Canali

light designer Emiliano Curà 

music Mario Asti, Valerio Carboni


production Teatro delle Briciole


from age 3

Photo Jacopo Niccoli

“There have been countless discussions on the causes of the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. Why? Aren’t two hundred million years enough for the dominion of one family, and one hundred million years for the despotism of the giants? Today isn’t Olympus empty and the Parthenon in ruins? Why do we expect any one race of beings to be immortal? We all know that everything mortal ends up dying (…), families die out as do nations and races; and so also the dinosaurs vanished (…), greatness comes and goes and so it was that a great creative epoch in the history of life ended with the dinosaurs: the baroque period of zoology.”


(Fritz Kahn, naturalistic, skeptical and insightful)

A bone is found and they discover that it belonged to an Apatosaurus that lived millions of years ago. The animal comes to life, taking us back in time, when there were few colours on the earth, the climate changed suddenly and the dinosaurs dominated the land.

160 million years ago is a long, long time from here. This huge distance has made it possible to look at the past by means of countless scientific theoris, giving us the chance to prefer some and discard others.

No-one knows for sure the colour of the dinosaurs’ skin, what sounds they made or why they became extinct.

A journey back in time through a theatrical palaeontology that fuses together with the tools of theatre, science and imagination.


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