In 2010, Teatro delle Briciole opened a new workshop called New visions for a young audience. Since Teatro delle Briciole has always believed that the universe of what is usually called Children Theater ought to be confronted with new experimentation in-between tradition and innovation, it has asked some emerging companies working usually for adults to create and produce a show for children.

After Baby don’t cry from Babilonia Teatri, and then La Repubblica dei bambini (The Children Republic) from Teatro Sotterraneo, with Pop Up  from I Sacchi di Sabbia this first workshop finishes.

The 2° chapter, opened in 2015 with Play by Mirto Baliani, and Sherlock Holmes by CollettivO CineticO of Francesca Pennini, ends with Felice by Silvia Gribaudi.


project I Sacchi di Sabbia

by Giovanni Guerrieri, Giulia Gallo

with the collaboration of Giulia Solano


with Beatrice Baruffini/Chiara Renzi,

Serena Guardone/Francesca Ruggerini and Paolo Romanini


books by Giulia Gallo

lights designer Emiliano Curà

scenography LabTdB P Paolo Romanini


from 3 to 6


Photo Jacopo Niccoli

Animation, sound and images get to be one and only in this new chapter of the project New visions for a young audience created by Teatro delle Briciole. In re-inventing the pop-up book for the stage, Pop up presents the little adventures of a paper-child with an enigmatic sphere: a relationship through rhythm, color and sound, its actual encounter, its mirror-image, its transformations.

Colorful pop up illustrations succeed one another during the show and are quite powerful to stimulate basic-emotions and create associations between feelings, forms, and colors. The many variations of the theme are a musical support for the sound effects and are also a splendid way to explore the imaginary world of young children.

The adventures of the child and the small sphere generate some kind of a symbolic game through geometry and metamorphosis that triggers some aspects of this imaginary world: fantasy, invitation, fear, dream.

Two actresses bring the two paper-characters to life and give them each a voice while they are playing with the figures and shapes and while they are intertwining them to their own body, while they are playing with the movement and the illusion of movement, and with the synchronicity on one hand of the different voices and on the other of the voices with the images. The idea of re-inventing the pop-up book for the stage, the challenge of creating some sort of handcrafted cartoon or better an animated fossil of a cartoon in this world of 3D, give us a precious opportunity to reflect upon animation and its excessive overpowering modern technology, and take a step in a more evocative and less aggressive direction that will give some space to imagination in this highly digital world.


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