by Beatrice Baruffini

with Giulia Canali and Alessandro Maione
assistant director Riccardo Reina
set designer Andrea Bovaia

original soundtrack and sound effects Dario Andreoli

light designer Emiliano Curà
costumes Patrizia Caggiati
voiceover Claudio Guain

production Teatro delle Briciole


from age 3 (and for those who can easily read

between the lines)

Photo by Jacopo Niccoli

«I hope this booklet may be equally useful for those who believe in the important role that imagination plays in education; 
for those who believe in children’s creativity; for those who understand how 
liberating words can be. “Everyone should be able to use words” 
This seems to me to be a very good motto, one that sounds very democratic. 
Not because everyone is creative, but because no one should be a slave».
(Gianni Rodari, Grammatica della fantasia)

In his book Grammatica della fantasia Gianni Rodari proposes a series of exercises to stimulate children's imagination. The first part of the book, probably the most important and full of suggestions on how to play with words and to make play an important part of everyday life, is the part which refers to the kind of reading material which can be used to feed one’s “imagination”: grammar and writing. In fact it is words that provide the foundation, the inspiration and the raw matter, or even better, words are the material which Rodari manipulates by reading them, cutting them, multiplying them, deconstructing them, making fun of them, in a way that only someone who has mastered the rules and has worked out how to break them can allow himself to do.


This story is a play on words. A dance made up of three letters which mustn’t be read. A graphic decomposition for the emotions. One of the things that causes us to experience amazement. It’s a joke that we have played on the written word. It’s an invitation to constantly practise the art of imagination inspired by the reality of grammar.


Wow is the result of a desire to go beyond the frontiers and bypass the rules, to ignore the conventions, to do away with everything we thought we knew and is especially for young children who are still at that stage where they can take the liberty of not taking writing too seriously.


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